Don’t Blame God


Dear Friends,

I’d like to point out that three quarters of all emerging and existing infectious diseases (SARS, Coronavirus, Anthrax Lyme disease, Ringworm, Ebola, etc.) erupt through our tragic, broken and unnatural relationship with nature.

Certainly the “wet markets” in Wuhan, linked to early clusters of coronavirus cases, are horrific examples of this “broken relationship.”
The markets import living animals from the wildlife trade… which are then sold, alive. Wolf cubs, masked palm civets, dogs, cats, frogs, chickens and many more  are killed and cut up for consumption

The animals are stacked in small wire cages where they spend their short, brutal lives in horror - stressed, ill and terrified. Bodily fluids and feces sprinkle down throughout, creating perfect conditions for viral spillover.

No amount of “cultural sensitivity” or recognition of a different way of life can forgive this. 


The slaughter of 9.6 million farmed animals each year also contributes hugely to the spread of pathogens. Can we be so deaf and closed-hearted that we can not hear their cries? How can our moral and spiritual selves not rise up in protest. If not, at least then let us be frightened  by the fact that these animals inevitably will pass on pathogens, causing deadly diseases in our food chain. Think recalls of meat products. Think Mad Cow disease.

This is Speciesism at its worse – breaking faith with nature, severing our bond. We have to find a way to see animals not as our “partners,” but as our equals! It’s a matter of life or death. 
We have been warned. We are LIVING the warning now.


The “interconnectedness of life” has proven to be an ineffective call to action. It was and is too passive. Too comfortable. Too easy to preach and teach. And ignore.

But fear and the possibility of death and dying may be better ways of realizing our bond with animals is sacred and essential – we can not deforest, slaughter animals, foul rivers, trade in live animals, engage in over building that destroys habitats, and not expect to pay the price, which today is death and disease.

Please join me in prayer:
Dear Lord and Creator,  
Please, please help us move away from the mindless abuse and manipulation of your creations, of life and nature, for our selfish and commercial use. Please help us to embrace all of nature as ourselves, and  honor all life as precious and absolutely as one life. Help us to include their voice, their desires, their needs into our lives.
Unmask us, strip us of our convenient phrases and terms, and fill us with the kind of fear and love that restores the blessed connection and sameness of all beings that you have created.


Animal Talks Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

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