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“When we lost our Ebbie this past summer, we felt so empty and heartbroken. Not only was her passing unexpected but we felt guilt-ridden... Kaleel was amazing with his soothing and kind words of healing and self-forgiveness. He speaks from the heart with sincerity and depth and I truly felt hope for my healing process to begin once I accepted his words.”

— Maura S.

It’s tough to do, but talking about our grief and sharing our feelings are very important ways of healing the pain of loss. Telling stories of the pets we love and lost; remembering and sharing all the fun and goofy and loving ways we were... and opening up about the overwhelming sadness we feel when they've left us, really does help us heal. It moves the pain along so it doesn't get stuck.

But not everyone we talk to is helpful. Many may judge our emotions. They may tell us that we have cried too long or grieved too much. Ignore them, no matter how close they are to you. You need compassionate, nonjudgmental people in your life right now. People who understand what you’re going through – your heartbreak and deep missing.

Please connect with us! Get in touch anytime.

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