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“...should you or anyone need grief counseling due to the loss of a pet, Kaleel Sakakeeny... is brilliant and a true asset to the Animal Welfare world.”

— Chaplain Matty Guiliano

Please reach out to Kaleel directly for grief support help. The death of your pet is too painful to go through alone! Rev. K is available to meet in person (in the Boston area), and has counseling sessions available by phone, Zoom or Skype, and lots of email support (worldwide).

Below, we have posted an audio recording about pet loss that may offer some comfort. We have some very helpful discussions and topics on our Facebook page, and a lot of passion among our followers. Our Helpful Videos and Pet Loss Resources pages are available on this site, and please subscribe to YouTube Channel. All are updated with new content frequently. We also offer specialty grief and bereavement services to veterans who have lost their service animal, their beloved K9 companions, to death. 

If you are in the Boston area, Animal Talks hosts a support group for those looking for help in the sadness and hurt after a pet passes at the lovely Stratford Street Church in West Roxbury, MA. For anyone who needs to talk with people who care, who need the reassurance and comfort of others who have also lost and wept, we welcome you. We are an open, caring, safe one-hour “coming together” for those who love animals, those with us here, or in spirit. Please contact us for upcoming scheduled groups.

When Our Animals Leave UsKaleel Sakakeeny
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“I love your cause. My day with the first dog I’ve ever really had will be coming. And you are someone I may call on for support. He is everything to me. I raised two kids alone and it’s just been us two since the kids graduated and moved on to their lives...”

— Randy P., via Facebook

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