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Veterans and K9 Companions

Veterans, suffering from PTS and other isolating and debilitating issues, have found deep comfort, love, and reassurance in their relationship with their K9 service dogs. These heroic dogs often prevent a veteran from slipping into an anxiety attack or waking them as they are caught in a horrific nightmare. These dogs are lifelines for our veterans, and when the dogs die, the grief is especially profound.

At Animal Talks, we deeply understand the unique bond between military personnel and their service animals. Our new initiative offers heartfelt pet loss support and grief counseling to those facing this profound loss. Recognizing the crucial role service animals play, we are dedicated to providing compassionate assistance during these challenging times.
Animal Talks specializes in helping individuals cope with pet loss through a variety of tailored pet loss services. Our offerings include individual counseling sessions, group support meetings, and resources to guide you through the grieving process. Our holistic approach addresses the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of pet bereavement.
 Animal Talks' work in pet grief and loss has been recognized by The Washington Post, People Magazine, Reader's Digest, The Los Angeles Times, and other media. Please see our “In The News” page for more information.
We provide comprehensive services to aid in your healing journey:

One-on-One Counseling: Personalized sessions to help you navigate your grief.
Support Groups: Connect with others who understand your loss in our group meetings.
Resources: Access books, articles, and more to support your healing process.

 Animal Talks is here to support military members mourning the loss of a service dog. For more information on how to join our veterans' program, please contact Thembela at
More questions? Military personnel and veterans who wish to support our mission can also reach out to Thembela Makhuba at for details on how to join our supportive community.

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