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My Promise



Go ahead and cry! It’s OK
There is a sacredness in tears. 
They are not a sign of weakness, but of strength 
They are a language of the heart that we must listen to
They are great teachers

As you walk your grief journey, please realize that there is no pill for your broken heart. There is no  medicine for sadness and heartbreak
These are matters of the soul 
And if we work together, I promise to listen to you and feel your grief, even though it isn’t mine 

We will move toward the light and a better tomorrow, and maybe even some laughter in this time of sadness  

I promise never to try to fix you. Because there is nothing  wrong with you. 
You loved deeply and now you deeply feel your loss
You will love again, and you will never forget the beloved pet you lost.
 That love is forever. It never dies with the death
We know this to be true 
Please reach out to me when you’re ready


“Kaleel’s warmth, kindness and insight is a powerful force in this world. Even from across the lands and seas, he has been a source of love and compassion during life’s most challenging moments. I celebrate you, dearest Kaleel. You are always on my mind and in my heart. Always

— Grace in Lebanon, February 2023

Image by Jacob Van Blarcom

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“Reverend Kaleel is a deeply sensitive man, with an incredible desire to learn and contribute to people that are in distress. His love for animals has always been part of his daily life. He is compassionate and has uncanny energy to find the answers. He never watches the clock if anyone needs help or advice. His counseling is deeply needed for everyone that has lost a pet.”

— Joan W, May 2022

“Kaleel is an amazing comforting kind soul! I have the pleasure of being able to know this man and his amazing heart!”

— Candace S.

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