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Blessing of the Animals


Photo © Judith Robichard, The Boston Globe


Sunday, October 10th, 2021 • 1pm eastern

Live via Zoom


It isn’t just that St. Francis of Assisi actually was able to talk with animals. It’s that he could do so because he saw the divine in them. He understood their sacred role in life, and guided us to our own powerful realization that the bond, the relationship between us and our pets, is profound and sacred. We know this because those who have lost a beloved pet to death and come to us for help, are truly broken-hearted. Most are in despair, and just about all tell us they are bereft of the light of their lives; their pets. Their animal friends. 

In honor and celebration of this remarkable saint, Animal Talks will hold a virtual Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 10th at 1pm eastern time. All are welcome.

Everyone is welcome to join in with their pets, or a photograph if their pet has passed and is now in spirit. Animal chaplain, pastor and credentialed pet grief and loss counselor, Reverend Kaleel Sakakeeny, will read out the names of all the animals to be blessed, read a poem or two and talk briefly about the honor and privilege of sharing our lives with an animal friend. Holy water, sprinkled virtually, is available to those who wish it. We ask a $2 fee from those who wish to attend.

To attend, please make payment using the button below.

You will receive Zoom login info via email before the event.

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