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Are Lost Cats Really Lost?

So many notices on telephone poles on neighborhood web site and all around the “hood” about lost cats!

It may come as a huge surprise to learn that all cats that go missing are not necessarily lost. Many cats do a deliberate “walk about,” because they need to. And they may or may not come back voluntarily. But here are some other reasons why your cat may have left her home:

• Are there any changes in the animal companion’s environment that the animal will pick up on? Any chronic arguments or family tensions? Any changes in a relationship, as in a partner calling it quits? Or a death in the family, a split up, or a new child?

• How about a close family member going away to college, the service, a job?

Did a pet companion pass away and the grief was too strong for the remaining animal? Did a new pet take up residence? A different species of pet?

• Was there a litter box location change? Neglecting to change it? 

• Lots of travel? Or were the people away a lot leaving a lonely cat behind?

• Preoccupation with work or a relationship that shuts the cat (or dog) out?

Finally, have you had thoughts of “getting rid” of the cat, or of moving, or, horrors, did you ever strike the animal? Never, ever hit a cat or any animal. It’s cruel and abusive and none of this nonsense of “showing who’s boss!” Do you yell at her or scold her often? Did you use a water spray bottle to “train” the cat? Don't!!!

Cats are very likely to pick up on any of this!

This is by no means all the reasons a cat goes missing. Sometimes they are on a mission known only to them. They have work to do beyond being your house pet, and it’s time to move on!

Anyway, I offer these thoughts as reflections of the wonderfully aware and keenly “knowing” genius of our animal companions.

May your pet, your animal companion always come back to you if she ever wanders!

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