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Are Teddy Bears Real? Talks With My Teddy Bear

I believe most parents have stumbled upon, and treasured, moments like these:

Their kids are having tea with their “stuffed animals,” chatting away in very sweetly, very naturally. In a real conversation. Maybe the child is teaching the alphabet to a bright-eyed, attentive, eager Teddy, or a floppy-eared puppy. And there is no doubt whatsoever that the bear and child understand each other completely. In a language that exists only for them.

Is it possible that these funny and lovely “stuffed” animals are very much alive? And that they do communicate?

I personally believe that Tiggy the Tiger and Jimmy the Giraffe and Alex the Hedgehog are filled with a spirit and a life force.

And when our kids (and us) need someone to hug at night, or share our secrets with, we know for certain they‘re real and we can trust them.

Look deeply into the unblinking eyes of these bears and duckies and pandas, and they’ll look back deeply into yours, letting you know they’re there. For real.

 To our children and to us (and especially the elderly and troubled), there’s a comforting reassurance in sharing with these faithful friends.

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